Session Prices

Individual Therapy via video conferencing or telephone- £45 per session (50 mins)

Individual Walk and Talk Therapy - £50 per session (60 mins)

Couple Therapy via video conferencing - £55 per session (60 mins)


Individual Therapy 

This involves working with adults on a one to one basis remotely via a video conferencing platform or via telephone calls.

There are many benefits to remote sessions for clients. These might be for mobility issues, social anxiety reasons, if you are self- isolating or just wanting to limit contact with others during the pandemic. You might be a shift worker, work away from home or have family commitments. Remote sessions can often be less disruptive to a busy life and/or work schedule. You will need to find a quiet and confidential space where you will not be disturbed or overheard.


Individual Walk and Talk Therapy

I offer walk and talk therapy sessions outdoors for individual clients. This takes place in beautiful woodland and scenic country parkland where there are opportunities to combine sitting with walking as required. Some clients prefer this mode of therapy as the they feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts walking beside a counsellor rather than being in a therapy room sitting opposite them. Walking is known to have both mental and physical health benefits. Being outdoors can also help us to feel connected to nature which can foster a sense of well-being.

The first session takes place via video conferencing to risk assess and ascertain your suitability for this mode of therapy.


Couple Therapy 

This involves working with adult couples remotely via a video conferencing platform.

Couple counselling is for two people in a relationship. This could be couples who are married, in a civil partnership, a couple or same sex couple. Couple therapy is useful in helping couples to improve their communication skills which in turn can resolve issues and conflict that arise within the relationship. Couple therapy can sometimes be about finding solutions to ending the relationship in an amicable way. It is not however about apportioning blame onto any one individual but is about fostering communication, understanding resolution and growth.