Privacy Policy

I adhere to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by ensuring that your information will NOT be shared with any person or any organisation without your explicit written consent unless there is:

An immediate risk of serious harm to self or others.

A serious criminal activity.

A legal requirement such as to report acts of terrorism, money laundering, child protection concerns.

I am subpoenaed by a court of law.

Coronavirus Contingency Clause - Confidentiality will need to be broken if I am required to do so for reasons of public interest in the area of public health. I will not disclose the nature of our relationship and I will advise you beforehand of the breach if reasonably possible. If Government Guideline change to say that we are unable to meet in person then sessions will either be moved to online/telephone or temporarily suspended depending on your preference. We agree not to meet if either of us have cold and/or flu-like symptoms and/or Covid symptoms. Please see below Government and NHS Websites for more information re Covid-19.


All Professional Counsellors are required by the BACP to have regular supervision to support professional practice and maintain professional standards. No identifiable information about you is shared with my supervisor, who is also held by the same privacy, data protection and confidentiality clauses described in this contract.

I am required by the BACP to keep appropriate notes. I only make minimal factual notes in paper format to aid recall and document the therapeutic process. Paper information will be stored in a locked cabinet and retained for a period of seven years from the date we end our work together. This is due to legal guidelines, insurance purposes and for HMRC tax purposes. After this time the information will be destroyed safely and securely by use of a shredder.



Any electronic records such as emails will be kept for a period of seven years after we end our work together after which your information will be deleted. Your contact details will be added to my mobile phone during our work together and will be deleted three months after we end our work together along with any Texts or WhatsApp messages.

I am the only person who will have access to this information. However, in the event of my unfortunate demise I have a living will where an appropriate person, who has been appointed as my contingency counsellor, would take ownership of your personal records. If this comes into force, they would notify you accordingly and manage the safe storage and destruction of your information.


The rights you have under data protection law are:

  1. To access your personal data and to have an explanation of your personal data held.
  2. To request correction or erasure, or in certain circumstances to request limiting or ceasing data processing.